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We are a prominent software development company that offers Software Development, Website Development, Digital Marketing, Web App Development, Code Mentoring, and UI/UX Design services across India .

It is a subsidiary company of Pinnacle Media which is in the business of image retouching services.

We provide end-to-end solutions to our clients that help them to increase their business efficiency and productivity. We have a proven track record of providing innovative and customer-centric solutions to our clients.

We always aim to exceed the expectations of our clients by providing them with best-in-class services. We are dedicated to providing high-quality services that help our clients to achieve their business goals.

Vision, Mission & Values

Providing best customer experience is our primary goal


To lead the digital landscape by redefining industry standards through strategic innovation and continuous quality excellence.


To exceed client expectations by delivering holistic technological solutions, fostering longterm partnerships and driving tangible results globally.


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Proven Track Record

We have a successful history of delivering exceptional solutions, establishing ourselves as a trusted technology partner.

Comprehensive Solutions

We offer a wide range of services covering software development, website design, digital marketing and more.

Quality Assurance

We maintain a rigorous quality standards, ensuring that our clients receive high quality solutions that surpass industry standards.

Expert Team

Our experienced professionals are experts in their fields, allowing us to deliver superior results and stay ahead of the competition.

Cutting-edge Design trends

We incorporate the latest design trends and innovations into our solutions, ensuring modern and visually stunning products.

Customer Centric Approach

We prioritize our clients’ needs, providing personalized solutions and exceptional customer service.

Case Studies

The client manages several SHG groups with a sizable membership for the purpose of loans and savings.
The client's goal in using the software is to consolidate all SHG-related documents under one roof and do away with the need for manual record-keeping in various volumes.

The Objective & Solution

Based on the records they were maintaining in several books, we assisted the client in maintaining all of the records in a single location on our cloud platform.
The customer is currently taking a brief peek at savings, loans, organisations, members, and meetings that are happening soon.
Additionally, the client uses this software to demonstrate the performance of their company in order to obtain finance and loan options.

Technologies Used

MERN (MongoDB, Express, React, Node) Stack Application. MongoDB is a document database, Express(.js) is a Node.js web framework, React(.js) is a client-side JavaScript framework and Node(.js) is the premier JavaScript web server.

The client manages many properties on a leasing basis. Due to the fact that the client keeps all of his data in separate books, he is ignorant of which property's lease is about to expire and on what day and month.
The client wants to have access to all lease expiration data through the software so that he won't lose money by not renewing the leases on the properties.

The Objective & Solution

Instead of having the data in many books that are manually entered, we assisted the customer in storing all the lease records on our cloud platform.
The customer may quickly examine the information about lease properties ending because all of his property records are currently stored in the cloud.
The client will be able to manage his leases in addition to his other businesses with the aid of this software.

Technologies Used

MERN (MongoDB, Express, React, Node) Stack Application. MongoDB is a document database, Express(.js) is a Node.js web framework, React(.js) is a client-side JavaScript framework and Node(.js) is the premier JavaScript web server.

The client keeps manual records of all the pooja and seva information and provides paper receipts and payment slips for seva.
The customer must improve the accounting process and keep all temple management processes digitally and error-free through the software.

The Objective & Solution

We gave the temple admins clear instructions on how to use and maintain the software.
Through our software, the client is currently producing receipts and payment slips for seva and other temple activities.
Additionally, our software assisted the temple admins in keeping track of the shashwath pooja accounting information, so that temple admins could get in touch with the devotee/family members for the deficit shashwath amount if needed.

Technologies Used

HTML (HyperText Markup Language), CSS (Cascading Style Sheets), Java Script, JQuery, Mysql, Codeigniter, PHP


We at Pinnacle Technologies help you to scale your business by using state-of-the-art technologies and best-in-class web and application development services.

Software Development

We revolutionize your organization with cutting-edge software applications created specifically for your needs. We handle every step of the development process, from product concept and coding to testing, deployment, and support.

Website Development

Cutting-edge website development on Bootstrap and WordPress platforms, leveraging a robust stack of technologies including CSS, Java, HTML, JS, React, PHP, and Node JS.

Digital Marketing

It covers SEO, captivating social media posts, targeted email campaigns, Google profile management, review responses, website updates, local website registration, and impactful online advertising

Web App Development

We can claim to be an exceptional web development agency because of our creative approach, improvisation using agile scrum principles, and substantial development expertise. We work most cost-effectively by offering highly responsive and high-quality web apps.

Code Mentoring

With extensive technical and software knowledge, our experts advise you about the best technologies to solve complex problems. We use a step-by-step software development process, from technical insights to risk analysis.

UI/UX Design

To give you uniquely made UI UX design services that can make your app and concept stand out, we leverage the power and approach of user experience engineering and our application design expertise.


Book Better (Booking Application)

  • "BookBetter" is a comprehensive, cross-platform application accessible on desktops, laptops, mobile phones, and tablets, designed to offer a seamless booking experience across a range of sectors including Hotels, Resorts, Apartments, Rentals, Tours, Travels, and Appointments. It offers a user-friendly interface for easy reservation management, providing convenience and flexibility. With cross-industry compatibility, it streamlines bookings across devices, making it an ideal solution for various needs.

Swayam (Loan Tracking Application)

  • "Swayam" is financial software streamlining loan processes from capture to approval. It centralizes borrower data, application processing, credit scoring, and risk assessment, ensuring a structured workflow. With features for payment scheduling, tracking, customer communication, and regulatory compliance, it offers robust reporting, security, and data protection. "Swayam" aims to reduce manual efforts, enhance transparency, and ensure an efficient, compliant lending operation for financial institutions.

Swastik (Temple Management System)

  • "Swastik" Temple Management System optimizes daily temple activities offline and online. Accessible within the temple and across devices, it securely stores data on Amazon cloud servers. Developed with insights from administrators and consultants, it's a highly scalable solution. The system tracks detailed income and generates Management Information System (MIS) reports for precise financial insights. Its adaptability and robust features make it essential for efficient temple administration.

Swaraj (Lease Management System)

  • “Swaraj” is a Lease management software that enhances the oversight of diverse portfolios by efficiently handling lease agreements. Real-time information availability is heightened, ensuring accuracy. Automation expedites managerial tasks seamlessly, promoting operational efficiency. With the ability to access information from any location, physical document burdens are eliminated, fostering flexibility. This software empowers confident decision-making by providing on-the-go data accessibility within a user-friendly interface.

Swa Shakthi SHG (SHG Application)

  • The “SwaShakthi SHG” application portal assists NGOs and other Self-Help Promoting Institutions to manage the smooth functioning of their Self-Help Groups or Joint Liability Groups.
  • It is a complete solution to automate and digitize all functional processes of the Self-Help Group. It allows the ease of access to information regardless of the location of the entities connected with the process.
  • This facilitates overall improvement in financial reporting and management of the SHG remotely.

Swa Sadhan (Subscription Management System)

  • “Swa Sadhan” serves as a Subscription Management System, serving as a gateway tool for publishers to effortlessly manage subscriptions. This streamlines processes, offering advanced tools for member management and data preparation for fulfillment. Key features include automated billing and payment handling for subscriptions, control over subscription lifecycles, and the flexibility to utilize various plans and pricing levels. The system also encourages the creation of gift or trial subscriptions, enhancing its versatility for publishers.

Swajan (Directory Address Generator)

  • “Swajan” the Directory Address Generator, is a tailored web-based software solution designed for businesses and institutions to efficiently manage their current contact information, encompassing addresses, office locations, designations, and contact details.
  • Serving as a comprehensive contact list, it categorizes organizations and groups, providing a centralized platform for easy access. The primary purpose is to digitize existing directories, ensuring authorized users have constant access to this data, regardless of their location.

College Automata (Academic Software)

  • The College Automata Application is a comprehensive software solution designed for academic institutions. It efficiently manages student and staff information, automates the admission process, and handles academic record management.
  • The system streamlines certificate and receipt generation, ensures customized user access control, and offers benefits such as efficiency enhancement, data integrity, improved communication, financial transparency, and customization scalability.

ERP System (Customized Application)

  • “The ERP System” is a comprehensive packaged solution designed to digitize all functional business processes within the organization, covering Production Management, Performance Tracking System, Customer Feedback, Marketing & Sales CRM, Leave & Overtime Tracking, Real-Time Attendance Tracking, Salary Management, Stock Management, Billing & Invoicing, Payment Collection, Financial Management, and MIS Reports. It facilitates planning, budgeting, and reporting on financial results, offering insights from real-time data generated by reports.


Frequently Asked Questions

Our competence spans the creation of highly scalable enterprise SAAS products to the development of offline web-based applications. We have a track record of providing our clients with high-quality outputs.

Yes, We exclusively employ the state's top talent. Our entire staff consists of highly skilled individuals. Our staff members attend training sessions daily to stay current on the newest developments.

Yes, Our development team will helps in advancing your expansion strategy at a price that fits your budget. To ensure that our clients receive the highest possible return on investment, only the best programmes were chosen for us.

You will have access to every expert needed for business process change as one of our partners. Our business analysts will help the development team as needed with the collecting of requirements, the development of the product roadmap, maintenance, and scalability.

Yes, As our team's project management, planning, and development abilities have proven successful in our previous projects, we are open to collaborating with any industry including government projects.

Yes, we do sign a non-disclosure agreement (NDA) before the project is started or while the services are being rendered to prevent any unethical data breaches and to protect clients' intellectual property and important data.


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What our clients are saying about us

Being involved in the temple affairs a major fact I have realized was, "It's challenging to modify old practices". The old practice of maintaining the record of the services in the physical form, differences in the Georgian and Hindu Calander, different financial heads to be maintained, end users to be trained and many more were major challenges that I had given as a challenge to Pinnacle Technologies. I can vouch for Pinnacle Technologies, which has given SLVT Udupi, a complete Financial IT solution based on our requirements. The way in which they developed the product over a series of follow-up meetings reflects the professionalism and dedication of the team. They are committed to customer satisfaction and have shown up to the premises during troubleshooting at wee hours in the initial phase of trails. Taking this itself as classic example, I can say that you will be the proud end users of their hassle-free product. With warm wishes

Mr. Vishal Shenoy

Temple Admin - SLVT Udupi

The product delivered to us "SHG Management' is tailored made as per our request. In each and every step, the staff of Pinnacle Technologies, clarified their doubts and made sure that what we require is implemented without any hitches. They clarified our doubts whenever we asked, immediately. the app they prepared is very useful to SAMPADA UDUPI. Now the data is in our fingertips. Thank you Mr. Joel and team.

Fr Reginald Pinto

Director - Sampada Udupi

It will be difficult for us to manage leases of our properties in manual books; it will be difficult for us to check in the books, which property lease agreement is going to expire on which month or date.We asked pinnacle to build the software for us. They have built it very well and I find it very easy to enter, saved my time also.Currently we are able to manage all our lease properties digitally and also we are able to have an overview of our business in the fraction of seconds with this software.I recommend this software for those who would like to digitalize their lease management process.

Fr Charles Menezes

Parish Priest - MOS


Our hard working team

Joel Sequeira

Director of Operations

Renita Noronha

Sr. Accounts Manager

Arka Mukherjee

Head of Marketing and Sales

Vinayak Dushi

Digital Marketing Manager

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